About eIbadah

eIbadah - Digitalizing Your Ibadah

Welcome to eIbadah, your digital ibadah companion.

Digitalizing your effort to memorize Al-Quran ibadah performance is a new approach in modern Muslim lives. eIbadah comes to help to feel the gap between yourself and al-Quran and ibadah performance by digitalizing ibadah tracking for impactful muhasabah and self satisfaction towards Allah forgiveness.

First version of eIbadah, published in July 2019, focus on solat management, nawafil management, open zikir tracking and fasting management. The application also lays the important foundation for knowledge management, by constructing al-Quran and its translation search engine and sunan sittah (6 books of hadith) search engine with english translation.


eIbadah.com uses text from internet as our references and some text we acquired from old books, megazines, video cuts, and etc with citation to that particular media. As in Dakwah we believe our work will always be rewarded by Allah swt. Please make doa for the creator or inventor for the text so that Allah will reward them entirely.

eIbadah.com.com hosted on Virtual Private Server provided by DigitalOcean. We dream to upgrade our networking infrustructure support to let this application run smoothly without incidents. Please support us so that we can provide more sophisticated web application with great hardware support.


eIbadah.com was coded and developed by Amir Hamzah, of Digicto Network Solution.

eIbadah Special Features

Important features of eIbadah that helping you to improve your ibadah

30 juz al-Quran Management

The application will calculate the possibility of your memorization (hifz) integrity based on the last date you submit your ibadah

5 Solat Fardhu Monitored

Monitor your solat fardhu permance with our unique style of time performing and value added merit to solat.

Fasting Never been easy

Our system let you easily manage your fasting information for a month and the whole year.

More Features

We provide important modules to enlight your experiences with us. Join us today and enjoy our standard membership forever.

Personalized Prayer Times

We developed persoanlized solat times table and it will remind you during your stay with us

Missed solat Avoided

This features is the most important, so that we would never missed a solat without qada' in our future.

"For Muslim Professional"

eIbadah developed clearly with Muslim professional in mind. We trying to help the busy Muslim professional which was struggle to keep their ibadah in pace, especially thos who have limited time to read books and other Islamic materials.

If you are a Muslim with profession such as student, lecturer, doctors, researchers or managers, eIbadah could be vital for your ibadah live. Join us today.